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21st Century Homeopathics, Remedy #5, Chronic Stress - 4 fl oz

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Highly recommended

21st Century Homeopathics supplies easy-to-use remedies that provide consistent results and act as a complement to traditional medicine. We know that our products must keep pace with the effects of a constantly changing environment. All remedies produced by 21st Century Homeopathics are designed to effectively meet that challengeFor temporary relief of debility, exhaustion or exhaustion after slight exertion, or exhaustion following dysentery.
One (1) teaspoon twice daily or as otherwise directed by a healthcare professional.
Aralia Quinquefolia 3X-30C, Hydrastis Canadensis 3X-30C, Ceanothus Americanus 30C, Carbo Vegetabilis 30C, Calcarea Carbonica 30C, Natrium Muriaticum 30C, Nux Vomica 30C, Solidago, Virgaurea 3X-30C, Cyclamen Europaeum 30C, Taraxicum Officinale 3X-30C, Arsenium Album 30C, Phosphorus 30C, Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum 30C, Trifolium Repens 3X30C, Petroleum 30C, Fucas Vesiculosus 3X-30C.Other Ingredients: Distilled Water, 0.5% Sodium Benzoate and 0.12% Citric Acid.

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