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Abkit, Bekunis, Nature's Gentle Laxative, Instant Tea, 0.53 oz

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Senna Fruit Extract
Bekunis works with your body`s natural processes to relieve simple constipation whenever it occurs. Gently stimulates the large bowel during the night to naturally induce smooth, comfortable elimination in the morning. Bekunis Instant Tea contain is made fromthe fruit of the Senna plant -- regarded the world over as the ultimate natural laxative. After years of research, it has been standardized for more natural and dependable relief.

0.53 oz instant tea

  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Please read all label information on delivery.

Safety Information
Please read all label information on delivery.

Active ingredients Senna alexandrina Mill. Senna fruit and leaf 240 mg 20mg sennosides corresponding to 20 mg hydroxyanthracene derivatives. Inactive ingredients gelatin, maltodextrin.

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