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Abundant Health - Trans - Resveratrol Ultra - 60 Veggie Capsules

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Maximum Strength Resveratrol with Green Tea, Acai, Grape Seed Extract, and Antioxidant Vitamin C - 1,000mg Per Serving - 60 Capsules - Key Nutrients for Skin, Hair, Cardiovascular, Joint, and Nervous System Support - Manufactured in a USA FDA Approved GMP Certified Laboratory Exclusively for Abundant Health PREMIUM RESVARATROL ULTRA: Pure, potent formula supports cardiovascular, joint, and nervous system health.

•BEST RESVERATROL BLEND  Each vegetarian capsule contains powerful antioxidant Vitamin C and an extra strength proprietary super fruit blend of Pomegranate, Acai, Grape Seed, and Green Tea to support healthy skin.

•EASY ADDITION TO A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE OR WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: Scientifically formulated, maximum strength supplements deliver Resveratrol without adding calories or alcohol to your diet.

•SCIENTIFICALLY FORMULATED FOR MAXIMUM QUALITY: Abundant Health goes the extra mile to ensure our supplements have passed extensive third-party quality control tests before being bottled and sold. We use only FDA approved, cGMP certified manufacturing facilities in the USA.


Resveratrol is an antioxidant naturally found in seeds, grapes, red wine, and other plants. Studies have linked Resveratrol to improved cardiovascular health, nervous system functioning, and motor control, while other studies have suggested that Resveratrol may improve memory performance and support natural weight loss by improving glucose metabolism. 


Our proprietary Resveratrol Ultra contains a potent concentration of Resveratrol in levels high enough for the body to experience its beneficial effects. By delivering highly concentrated levels of antioxidant polyphenols alongside Vitamin C and a powerful proprietary blend of pomegranate, acai, grape seed extract, and green tea, Now you can enjoy all of the benefits of Resveratrol without adding calories or alcohol to your diet.

Take 2 capsules per day as dietary supplements

We source our Resveratrol from high quality sources and perform stringent third-party purity and standardization testing to ensure safety and potency. Beware of inferior products that contain extraneous fillers, artificial ingredients, or potentially harmful preservatives and GMOs. Abundant Health supplements are always formulated in FDA approved c GMP compliant facilities and are made in the USA.

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