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AlcoHAWK Beacon Breathalyzer, Digital Breath Alcohol Tester

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The Alcohawk Beacon is the newest breathalyzer released in the Alcohawk product line. Offering cutting edge technology, stylish design and affordability, this digital breath alcohol screener has it all. The Alcohawk Beacon quickly checks for the presence of alcohol and offers many features that consumers can adjust according to their needs. One of the most attractive features is the adjustable audio and visual alert system which will display different colors corresponding with preset blood alcohol concentration B.A.C. Levels.

The Alcohawk Beacon has a folding mouthpiece design that may be used with or without the replaceable mouthpiece covers. Additional mouthpieces may be kept in the battery compartment to allow for sanitary testing of friends and family, anytime, anywhere.

Pre calibrated in the USA prior to shipment. Adjustable audio. The Beacon contains an electronic airflow sensor to ensure the user continues to blow through the unit. This new innovative sensor ensures the user exhales through the mouthpiece over the 4 to 5 second exhale, confirming accuracy. The Alcohawk Beacon contains a software upgrade to allow the unit to track if an even alcohol concentration is detected in the sample. This cutting edge technology provides another method of ensuring breath sample integrity.

One button operation for fast and easy testing, test memory, folding mouthpiece design

  • Wide test range measures blood alcohol content from 0.000 0.400 % BAC, 4 digit LCD display makes test results easy to view
  • Visual alert system, green visual display for 0.000 0.010 % BAC levels, yellow visual display for 0.010 alert level %BAC levels, red visual display for when the % BAC reaches or exceeds alert level
  • Electric air flow sensor
  • Sample concentration sensor


Flip out the folding mouthpiece to get ready for testing.  Press the Power Button for 2 seconds to power on the breathalyzer unit.  A single 'beep' is heard with current temperature displayed on the screen.  Press the LEFT button to initiate the sensor warm up and auto-cleansing process.  The timer will count down from 99.  Wait until 'RDY' (Ready) appears with a single 'beep' indicateing that the unit is ready to use. Take a deep breath and blow SLOW and STEADY into the mouthpiece until you hear another 'beep' sound to signal completion of the testing.  Shorlty after completion of the test a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) will be displayed on the screen.

Important Information:

  • This breath alcohol tester is intended to measure alcohol in human breath.  Readings from this device are used to determine alcohol intoxication. 
  • Individuals should not drink alcohol and drive
  • Choking hazard alert – Mouthpiece covers

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