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All American EFX, Joint Rehab Kit Joint and Anti Inflamation Support - 60 Capsules

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Requiring just two capsules per day

  • Relieving soreness and stiffness of the neck, shoulders and extremities
  • Providing nutritional support that enables cells to quickly repair and regenerate

Test charge is a non-steroidal, non-prohormone, all-natural testosterone activator that works with the body's natural physiological processes in helping to amplify free testosterone levels. This high-tech formula combines some of the most potent (legal) anabolic substances known to man with a new compound now revealed for the first time called taxadrol. This substance is only found in one place in the entire world. And we are the only company harvesting and extracting its anabolic gold!

What Is Joint Rehab?
Joint Rehab is a dry, encapsulated nutritional supplement. Its main active ingredient – the powerhouse compound Kre-Celazine® - is made up of alkali-buffered creatine monohydrate and cetylated fatty acids mixture.
What Does Joint Rehab Do?
In a small clinical study, Kre-Celazine test subjects reported mild to significant pain relief depending upon where their chronic pain sites were located. Cetylated fatty acids and creatine monohydrate have been reported to act differently inside the cell. Therefore, it’s possible that more than one mechanism of action is operating to relieve pain and inflammation.
Inflammation - What’s That All About?
Before we talk about this, let’s describe what inflammation is and how it is caused. When you hit your thumb with a hammer, the body responds by sending out substances to: (a) restrict mobility in that area, (b) remove the damaged cells, and (c) carry out repair. We feel this in the form of swelling, heat, tenderness, tissue discoloration, and so on at the site of the injury. As long as this response is limited to the area where damage has occurred, we can consider it a self-limiting response (terminates when the repair is finished). This type of inflammation is associated with bodily repair and is considered beneficial and essential to normal body functioning.
But when the immune system misrecognizes a tissue (joint/ligament/organ/etc.) as an “injury” or as something “foreign”, those same clean-up and repair processes begin to attack healthy tissues causing destruction. We call the results of these non-self-limiting attacks: arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, etc… These attacks can cause chronic pain, are ultimately damaging to the tissue involved and are counterproductive to good health.
How Does Joint Rehab Work?
Both cetylated fatty acids and creatine monohydrate have been reported to have potential anti-inflammatory properties and/or activity in scientific literature. (Diehl and May 1994; Hesslink, et al. 2002).
For example, cetylated fatty acids have been shown to have the ability to reduce inflammation in various joint/ligament regions of test animals, and knee/ligament areas in humans. However the mechanism by which this is accomplished in man is as yet unknown. It may possibly be acting in one of the following ways; as a biological “dampener” in which there is a type of (a)“physical removal” of the pro-inflammatory molecules, (b) an inhibitor of pro-inflammatory molecule by “sitting on” or in some way ”blocking” cell membrane sites that the inflammatory molecules would use.
Additionally, creatine supplementation has been shown to influence cell permeability and cell surface reactivity. When both (or either) creatine, or the high energy form phosphorylated creatine, build up inside a cell, they may reduce inflammation by potentially interfering with or blocking one or more inflammatory promoting molecules from reaching their receptor site on the cell wall. In vitro endothelial cell adhesion experiments demonstrated that, as creatine or the phosphorylated creatine concentrations increased, cell surface adhesion and permeability were both modified.
The Bottom Line – Joint Rehab™:
Is For Mobility, Joint Flexibility, And Joint Health*
Supports The Body’s Natural Inflammation Response*
Provides Temporary Relief From Soreness Related To Exercise*
May help get you “back in the game” even faster*

take 2 capsules per day as dietary supplements

Ingredients consisting of powerhouse compound Kre-Celazine (Kre-Alkalyn a patented, buffered creatine monohydrate and esterfied fatty acids). Benefits: Our findings show that Joint Rehab works particularly well at relieving soreness and stiffness of the neck, shoulders and extremities that result due to an active lifestyle. It works by fortifying the structural lipids of the cell membranes providing nutritional support that enables cells to quickly repair and regenerate. Joint Rehab (when combined with a resistance training program) also contains compounds that function to renew, strengthen and protect the joints by enhancing musclegrowth to create a stronger outer structure for skeletal and connective tissue

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