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Amazing Nutrition, Artichoke Extract Weight Management - 180 Capsules

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The artichoke is one of the staples of Mediterranean cuisine and is prized for its delicious taste, but artichoke leaves have also been used as an herbal remedy for centuries. Studies have found that the cynara scolymus plant contains compounds called caffeoylquinic acids that provide a number of health benefits. Specifically, artichoke leaf is thought to:- Support Healthy Digestion*- Support Healthy Liver Function*- Assist With Healthy Weight Management*- Aid In Gallbladder Function*- Detoxify The Body*- Promote Healthy Aging With Antioxidants*If you're looking for artichoke diet capsules to help support weight loss or to cleanse and detoxify your system or overall wellness support, Amazing Nutrition Artichoke Extract Dietary Supplement is the product to choose. Our artichoke supplement is the best choice of artichoke capsules on the market because it's:- STANDARDIZED
Just one of our artichoke capsules daily is all you need!

our supplement because our capsules are standardized to 5% caffeoylquinic acids*- PURE and 500mg Cynara Scolymus Leaf .

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