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Ayurbest Praas Anti-Aging Herbal Tonic 1.1 lbs Jar - Praas (Chyawanprash) is a 4,000 year old herbal tonic highly valued in the ancient Ayurvedic tradition. As a natural supporter of energy and immune function, it promotes detoxification, healthy digestives.

It is believed that the original Chyawanprash formula was discovered by the Indian sage Chyawan. He was the first to prepare this tonic, and used it to regain his own youth and longevity. Charak Samhita, the ancient Ayurvedic treatise written by sage Charak in the 4th century BC, contains the first historically documented formula for Chyawanprash. According to this ancient text, Praas is "the foremost of all 'rasayanas' or herbal formulations for better health."

A Proven Recipe
Chyawanprash (we call it Praas) a unique jam, is a mix of over 40 powerful ayurvedic herbs with 'Amalaki' (Amla berry or Indian gooseberry) as the base. Some of the other ingredients in this traditional recipe include ashwaganda, cardamom, nutmeg, lotus, long pepper, dried grapes and cinnamon. Cane sugar, ghee and honey are included because they act as "carriers" which allow the herbs to penetrate deep into the tissues. This magic elixir has been proven effective with thousands of years of use to its credit. It is excellent for daily consumption and may be used by people of any age and gender.

Digestive and Immune System
Amalaki is the basic ingredient of Praas. Virtually unknown to the West, the amazing 'AMALAKI' is legendary in ancient cultures and considered to be the most nutritious fruit on Earth.This nutrient dense fruit is revered as a superfood in India and gives the Praas a delectable taste. It is a powerful antioxidant rich in tannins, Vitamin C, bioflavonoids, flavones, polyphenols and carotenoids. Most antioxidants go directly from an active to an inactive role. Amalaki Emblicanin A is different as it is a cascading antioxidant. After neutralizing a free radical, it is transformed into Emblicanin B and then Emblicanin Oligomers, all of which attack more free radicals. The multilevel cascade of antioxidant compounds results in a prolongation of antioxidant capibilities. Additional active ingredients are gallic acid, egalic acid quercitan, phillemblin, chebulinnic acid and chebulagic acid.

Directions: 1 Teaspoon 1-2 times a day. For a delicious treat spread on toast or crackers alone or with your favorite nut butter.Praas is a tonic -- it has restorative agents which when used on a regular basis may work to prevent health stresses.

Ingredients: Each Teaspoon of Praas contains: Emblica officinalis ( Indian gooseberry), Honey,Evaporated Canesugar, Clarified Butter (Ghee), Withania somnifera ( Winter cherry), Curcuma zedoaria ( Zedoary), Boerhavia diffusa (Spreading hogweed), Terminalia chebula ( Myrobalan), Elettaria cardamomum ( Cardamom), Cyperus rotundus (Nutgrass), Tribulus terrestris (Caltrops), Asparagus racemosus ( Indian asparagus), Leptadenia reticulata, Piper longum (Long pepper), Pterocarpus santalinus ( Sandalwood), Phylanthus urinaria, Adhatoda vasica ( Malabar nut), Aquilaria agallocha (Aloe wood), Vitis vinifera (grapes), Aegle marmelos ( Bael), Tinospora cordilfolia ( Indian tinospora) , Nelembium speciosium ( Indian lotus), Desmodium gangeticum, Clerodendrum phlomidis (Wind killer), Oroxylum indicum , Phaseolus trilobus ( Wild kidney beans), Teramnus labialis , Solanum indicum ( Egg plant), Glycyrrhiza glabra ( Liquorice), Zingiber officinale ( Dry ginger), Hemidesmus indicus ( Indian sarsaparilla), Rhus succedanea ( Galls), Corchorus fascicularis, Desmodium laxiflorum, Dioscorea sativa ( Asiatic yam), Uraria picta, Stereospermum chelenio, Inula tacemosa , Herpestis monniera ( Brahmi), Evolvulus alsinoides, ,Asclepias curassavica, Sida cordifolia, Pistacia integerrima, Solanum xanthocarpum, Gmelina arborea, Stereospermum suaveolens, Bambusa bambos ( Bamboo camphor), Cinnamomum tamala ( Indian Bay leaf), Cinnamomum verum ( cinnamon), Mesua ferra ( Cobra's saffron)
Free of wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shell fish, artificial color, artificial sweeteners and artificial preservatives.

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