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Beanpod Candles Fresh Linen, 4.5oz Jar

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Beanpod Candles are made from 100% stabilized natural soy wax. A paraffin free fragrant candle that's clean and healthy for the environment.

Made from soy beans

  • Lead free wicks
  • Vibrant, consistent colors
  • Rich fragrance blends
  • Tempacure process locks in color, while evenly distributing fragrance throughout the candle

Trim wick 1/4" before each lighting.

Safety Information
1. Burn candles within sight. Never leave unattended. 2. Keep out of reach of children and pets. 3. Never burn on or near anything that can catch fire. 4. Do not allow wick trimming, matches or any flammable materials to accumulate in candle. 5. Burn on a heat-resistant surface. 6. Avoid drafts and unstable surfaces. 7. The container will be hot when lit. 8. Keep the wick trimmed on a regular basis. 9. Before lighting candle, trim the "mushroom" deposits. 10. Do not move or re-light candle until the flame is out and wax is completely solid. 11. Do not use the lid to extinguish the candle. Simply blow out the flame and replace lid.

Biodegradable soybean wax, lead free wick, essential oils

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