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BioNorica, Mastodynon Breast pain Drops - 100 ml

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Bionorica is one of the leading global manufacturers of herbal medicines. Our vision is to make medicine ever more plant-based with each day that passes. We combine modern pharmaceutical research with the effects of plants. We have hereby been producing medicines that are effective and also well-tolerated for over 85 years.

Breast pain? – Mastodynon


Mastodynon is a homeopathic medicine, but, despite this, is widely used in the treatment of women suffering from menstrual irregularities, breast diseases and premenstrual syndrome. mastodinon The main variants release of mastodynon are tablets and drops for oral intake. Its effect drug has thanks to its constituent substances of natural origin.

These active ingredients are prepared from Angus castus, Caulophyllum thalictroides, Cyclamen, Ignatia, Iris, Lilium tigrinum. In Mastodynon also included ethanol (47-53% vol.), therefore, its use in the treatment of individuals which passed course of antialcohol therapy is not recommended. In the treatment of women with liver disease need to appoint Mastodynon with caution. Mastodynon has dopaminergic effects, resulting in a decrease of prolactin in the posterior lobe of the pituitary, which is mainly due to the content of the preparation Angus castus (K. prostrata).

Larger than normal blood prolactin stimulates the pathological proliferative processes in the breast tissue. Mastodynon same, reducing the production of the hormone, prevents the development of fibrocystic breasts. In this case, significant positive effects of the treatment comes approximately in 6 months of regular treatment. Mastodynon can apply separately or including it in the complex therapy of PMS (premenstrual syndrome), fibrocystic breasts, a variety of options for menstrual disorders, as well as in the treatment of infertility. Premenstrual syndrome is manifested in the form of instability mental condition of the woman. It is also possible occurrence dyspeptic phenomena, edema, headache, dizziness, painful swelling of the breasts.

Contraindications: Contraindications to the use of mastodynon relatively small, which is associated with good tolerability and a natural origin of its component parts. It is not necessary to prescribe a drug under the age of 12 years, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Receiving the drug should be discontinued if pregnancy occurred against the background of its reception. He also contraindicated for people with individual intolerance to the constituents of the preparation. Known fact - the negative effects of smoking and alcohol consumption on the outcome of any treatment, including treatment with homeopathy. It should be remembered that Mastodynon not used in the therapy of malignant diseases of the breast.

How to take mastodynon?

It is expedient use of the drug twice a day (morning and evening), 1 tablet or 30 drops. Drops should be diluted with water and shake before using. Optimal, on the advice of homeopaths is taking the drug for 20 minutes before a meal or within 40 minutes after.

The duration of treatment should be at least 3 months. A significant improvement in the woman can mark after a 6 weeks regular intake of mastodynon. In the case of re-emergence of symptoms after stopping treatment, you should consult with your doctor.

At this stage of the application of mastodynon not aware of a single case of an overdose with this drug, so it can be used in long-term therapy.

Mastodynon drops 

Form of release:

Drops for internal use. Transparent, aromatic liquid with a slight yellowish tinge. Sweet taste at first and then changed to a sharp and bitter taste. Possible blurred or floc precipitation during prolonged storage does not affect the properties of the drug. 


In 100 grams of solution contains extracts: 10 g European cyclamen (D4), cohosh vaselistnikovidnogo (D4), chilibuha Ignatia (D6), tiger lily (D3); 20 g Vitex sacred or chaste tree (D1), a multi-colored iris (D2); and 47-53% ethyl alcohol.

Pharmacological action:

Mastodynon is a combination homeopathic medicine of plant origin. Its constituent Vitex sacred or otherwise prostrate summer cypress plain, is the main active component. The complex of plant components reduces production of prolactin adenohypophysis. By reducing the level of prolactin in the body created favorable conditions for stopping the pathological process caused by fibrocystic mastopathy. Normalises dopaminergic action exerted by the secretion of gonadotropins, which in turn, eliminates failure of the corpus luteum. This failure is usually associated with infertility and menstrual irregularities. The onset of the therapeutic effect occurs after 6 weeks.

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