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Blue Poppy People's Herbs, Empowered Maca - 100 Capsules

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Empowered Maca With adaptogenic qualities, Maca root has a long list of uses because of its broad range of nutritional and medicinal properties. Its warm nature provides nourishing, strengthening, and revitalizing effects both mentally and physically for men and women of middle age and older. Still gaining popularity even after its mainstream introduction over a decade ago, this Peruvian-sourced superfood is in concentrated form as a 4:1 extract to enhance the medicinal properties of this therapeutic herb.

There are many ways to know a plant: One can closely study its chemistry in a lab, one can talk to traditional practitioners who have long used the plant, but one can also study where it grows and how it grows. Using that approach with maca (Lepidium meyenii) offers a fascinating perspective. Maca is grown in the Andes Mountains at an elevation above any other cultivated plant in the world—12,500-14,000 feet above sea level.

Conditions are extreme at that level, with frosts common. Not only temperature extremes occur at this altitude but also high winds and strong sun. This is one hardy plant. Virtually all maca is grown organically simply because there are no pests that attack it. In fact it is often companion planted next to potatoes to keep pests away. Clearly we are talking about a truly hardy plant here. Most maca is grown in Peru where it was long a traditional food, and with the growing popularity of this herb more land has been put into cultivation. Bolivia also produces some maca. In recent years China has started to grow maca since it also has similar high elevation conditions.

The 4:1 maca extract used in People’s Herbs Empowered Maca is grown in Peru. To the native culture that for centuries has consumed maca it is a valuable vegetable. Typically most of the crop was dried, so that it could be stored for long periods, although at harvest time there is some local use of the fresh plant. Because of its long history of use by humans and animals in fairly large amounts, the safety profile of maca is well established. It is rich in calcium and magnesium and low in sodium. It also contains selenium, an important trace mineral for thyroid function. Maca is considered by many to have adaptogenic properties, which is no surprise given the stressful conditions under which it thrives.

Like cordyceps, another adaptogen found at this high elevation, maca seems to have both Kidney Yin and Yang bolstering properties. It is bracing and supporting in nature when included in the diet. For this reason many athletes have been using maca for the last 10-120 years in the US. Anecdotal reports of its benefits in this area abound. This herb has been on the world stage as a plant of interest in the natural products industry for only a few decades, and as a result the research literature is not extensive. Much more needs to be done and with time it will be. We can though say a few things from the research done to date:

1. Antioxident properties: Maca demonstrates an ability to help the body scavenge free radicals and protect cells against oxidative stress.

2. Blood sugar regulation: In one study of hypoglycemic rats maca showed benefit regulating insulin levels, helping prevent insulin resistance and improving energy levels. This supports the positive anecdotal reports from athletes.

Blue Poppy People's Herbs

Specialty Formulas & Empowered Extract Capsules Exclusively from Peoples Herbs


•Carefully sourced raw materials; including many domestically-sourced, organic ingredients •All extracts are manufactured in a certified GMP facility •Formulas are blended and encapsulated at our GMP-certified manufacturer in the US •Laboratory tested to confirm the identity of the raw material, and for microbiological contaminants and heavy metals •No pharmaceuticals, dyes, or sugars 

Take 1 capsule 3 times per day or as directed by your health-care provider.

Supplement Fact :

Each capsule contains a proprietary blend of:

500mg Maca (4:1, Dual Extracted / 0.2% Macamides + Maceaenes)

Other Ingredients: Vegetarian capsules (Hypromellose, kappa-Carrageenan), silicon dioxide


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