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21st Century Homeopathics, Remedy #10, Parasite Detox - 4 fl oz

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Highly recommended

21st Century Homeopathics supplies easy-to-use remedies that provide consistent results and act as a complement to traditional medicine. We know that our products must keep pace with the effects of a constantly changing environment. All remedies produced by 21st Century Homeopathics are designed to effectively meet that challengeFor temporary relief of symptoms related to parasite, worm and/or nematode infestations, and for those who may need a program to help normalize the body in such situations.
One (1) teaspoon twice daily or as otherwise directed by a healthcare professional.
Ingredients Baryta Carbonica 30C, Calcarea Carbonic 30C, Carduus Marianus 3X-30C, Chelidonium majus 3X-30C, Cina 3X-30C, Ferrum Muriaricum 30C, Natrum Muriaticum 30C, Sabadilla 3X-30C, Silicea terra 30C, Spigelia anthelmia 3X-30C, Sulphur 30C, Terebinthina 5X, Teucrium Marum 3X-30C, Thyroidinum 5X.Other Ingredients: Distilled Water, 0.5% Sodium Benzoate and 0.12% Citric Acid.

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