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Ceva Feliway 48-ml Diffuser Refill, 3-Pack

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Feliway reduces or completely stops stress-related behavior including urine marking, vertical scratching, loss of appetite and the reduced desire to play or interact.

Convenient 3-pack

  • Helps comfort cats in stressful situations
  • Feliway mimics a natural comforting facial pheromone found in cats
  • For urine marking or scratching
  • For loss of appetite or reduced desire to interact and play

Helps Control Objectionable Cat Behaviors

The Secret to Happy Cats

  • Helps stop scratching & spraying
  • Restores harmony
  • Scientifically proven*

When a cat feels safe and comfortable in its environment, it rubs its head against the furniture, the corners of walls or the bottom of curtains, leaving a substance called the facial pheromone.  This pheromone, specific to cats, conveys a message of security and well-being.  Feliway® is a synthetic copy of this pheromone and studies have shown that it comforts cats, helping them cope with environmental changes and stressful situations.

Feliway® Diffuser offers a natural and convenient way to help manage stress-related behaviors in your cats such as:

  • Urine spraying and vertical scratching
  • Tension in multi-cat households

Comfort cats in difficult situations:

  • Adoption
  • Moving house, vacations, boarding
  • Remodeling / renovation
  • New arrival (a baby, a new pet)
  • Noisy environment

Covers 525 - 750 sq. ft (50 - 70 m²)

Each 48ml vial lasts up to 30 days.

Feliway® is designed especially for cats, is not a sedative and has no effect on people or any other animals.

*The efficacy of Feliway® has been demonstrated by numerous clinical studies published in reputable scientific journals or presented at international conferences.

Feliway® Diffuser may be combined with Feliway® Spray as required.

Feliway® is a behavior pheromone treatment, is not a veterinary medicine.  If there are signs of disease, consult your veterinarian.

For use with the Feliway diffuser.

Do not use with any other device.

Active Ingredients

Excipientsq.s. 100 g , F3 Fraction of Feline Pheromone Analogue2%

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