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Craftster's Best Sewing Kit for Home, Travel and Emergency Use

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This Sewing Kit Provides The Perfect Quick-Fix Solution
For Home, Travel And Emergency Use!

Every Home and Traveler Needs a Companion Sewing Kit for Those Moments When a Button Pops,
a Seam Bursts or Clothing Rips Unexpectedly.

Portable, Compact Design is Packed with All the Necessities You Need
- Stainless Steel Scissors, 10 Needles, 2 Easy Threaders, Pins, Safety Pin, 3 Shirt Buttons
- Thimble, Measuring Tape, Seam Ripper, 12 Spools of Thread in Various Colors
- Compact, CD size zipper case keeps supplies secure and packs easily when on the road
- Great for Home Use, for Backpackers, Business Travelers or for Use in a Survival or Bug-out Kit
- A Great First Sewing Kit for Kids

Never be Caught Unprepared Again!

 A sewing or mending emergency usually occurs at the most inopportune moments -
 keep this sewing kit on hand and you'll always be prepared.

This Sewing Kit is on Sale for a Limited Time.

•Perfect as a survival, travel and emergency sewing kit
•Made to last with ripstop nylon! Will not break like other kits with cheap plastic cases •Sewing kit includes stainless steel scissors, measuring tape, seam ripper, 10 needles, thimble, threaders, pins, buttons, multiple spools of thread

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