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Cytoplan, Betaine & Pepsin - 60 Capsules

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As we age, hydrochloric acid production in the stomach frequently declines and this can give rise to gut symptoms including bloating and feeling excessively full for long periods after eating.

  • Hydrochloric acid has a number of important functions within the stomach – it assists with the digestion of food; creates an acidic environment in the stomach necessary for the enzyme pepsin to work; assists with the absorption of some minerals e.g. iron, calcium and zinc and kills undesirable bacteria in the food (i.e. sterilises ingested food)
  • Pepsin is a protein digesting enzyme produced in the stomach, where protein digestion begins. It works best at a low pH (i.e. an acidic environment)
  • Each Betaine HCL with Pepsin capsule provides betaine HCl 345mg and pepsin NF 10mg

Direction of use As a dietary supplement, 1-2 capsules with main meals, or take as directed by a practitioner.

Supplement Facts:

Betaine & Pepsin1 capsule will provide on average

Active NutrientStrength%NRV*
Betaine HCI345mg*
Pepsin NF10mg*

+NRV = Nutritional Reference Value
* Indicates no NRV


Betaine hydrochloride, capsule shell (gelatine), microcrystalline cellulose, pepsin.

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