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Cytoplan, Biofood Magnesium - 60 Vegan Tablets

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Magnesium is an essential mineral that is a cofactor for over 300 enzymes. Nearly 70% of the body’s supply is located in the bones – magnesium supports the maintenance of bone health and is necessary for the proper functioning of muscles

  • Food sources of magnesium are far better absorbed than inorganic sources
  • Magnesium is involved in many essential metabolic processes including normal energy-yielding processes and normal nerve function
  • Magnesium contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and normal psychological function
  • Due to changes in farming methods, magnesium levels in food have declined over the past 80+ years and it is further depleted from our diet by food processing, cooking and food refining techniques
  • Our Food State magnesium tablets are combined in a base of inactive Lactobacillus bulgaricus, a native and friendly bacterial inhabitant of the digestive tract
  • Magnesium contributes to:

    • Reduction of tiredness and fatigue
    • Normal psychological functions
    • Electrolyte balance
    • Maintenance of normal bone/teeth
    • Normal energy-yielding metabolism
    • Normal muscle function including the heart muscle
    • Normal nerve function
    • Normal protein synthesis
    • Normal cell division

Direction of use As a dietary supplement, 1-2 tablets daily, or take as directed by a practitioner.

Supplement Facts:

Biofood Magnesium

Active NutrientStrength%NRV*

+NRV = Nutritional Reference Value
* Indicates no NRV


Magnesium citrate combined in inactive lactobacillus bulgaricus microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable stearic acid, tablet coating (Vegetable Cellulose). *Beneficially combined in a base of lactobacillus bulgaricus. A native and friendly bacterial inhabitant of the human GI tract.

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