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Ecco Bella FlowerColor Cover Up, Beige - 13 Ounce

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Ecco Bella Flower Color Beige Cover Up Stick is easy on the skin and non greasy. Ecco Bella Flowercolor Beige Cover Up provides good coverage. Ecco Bella Flowercolor Beige Cover Up is chemical-free, fragrance-free, and gluten-free.

Ecco Bella FlowerColor Beige Cover Up provides mistake-proof color. Ecco Bella Flowercolor Beige Cover Up is not vegan, as it contains beeswax. Free of Anything You Won't Like! The products are free of water, gluten, dyes, GMO's and preservatives.

FlowerColor Mineral Make-up + Flower Waxes
Make-up from earth minerals infused with flower waxes. As a flower stays beautiful over time, this flower wax-infused make-up glides on and lasts longer. Professionals use it, actresses demand it. You'll love it. It's ecology gone beautiful. Look for the refillable compacts for eyeshadow and blush. Gluten-free, preservative-free cosmetics for sensitive skin.

Easy on the skin, non-greasy, good coverage, chemical free, fragrance free. Mistake-proof color. Apply gently with our concealer brush.

Directions Use under foundation to create a naturally flawless complexion.

Ingredients Castor oil, isopropyl palmitate (from palm oil), candellia wax, beeswax, organic calendula oil, organic chamomile oil, organic jojoba oil, 100iu Vitamin E, titanium dioxide and flower wax iron oxides.

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