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ETA Ultra Natural Goat Hair Premium Makeup Brush Set (10 pcs, Bamboo)

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This ETA makeup set includes all the essential pieces your makeup need: Foundation brush, powder brush,Blush/bronzer brush;Eyeshadow brush, eyeshadow blending brush, eyeliner/brow brush and more.... The foundation brush is 6.5 Inch, 2 smaller Kabuki brush and powder brush are 6.25 Inch long.

  • Simple Elegant Linen Pouch for easy Storage and Travel. Won't get hot like synthetic type of material would if you leave them in the car under sun for a long time. It is also washable.


  • The bristles are super soft, the ferrules are sturdy, the handles are solid bamboo shaped to a easy grip. Each brush independently wrapped with plastic protector!
  • This makeup brush set offers a picture perfect, streak free finish any makeup artist is looking for with a fraction of market price! Natural hair brush are the best for powder products -- powder blush, face powder, bronzer and eye-shadow. When the hairs are applied with pressure,


  • they have more texture than synthetic bristles and therefore pick up powder well and blending is made easier and more natural on the skin. You can't blend as well with synthetic bristles because the bristles don't move as freely as natural hair bristles do. Natural hair brush also can avoid getting straw feeling with some lower level synthetic hair could.


  • Natural hair brushes pick up powder color better! Natural hair brushes apply powder more sheer! With the help of ETA cosmetics natural hair brushes, you are guaranteed a streak free, flawless sheer finish. You can proudly step out of your powder room every morning and embrace a new day with a beautiful yet natural new look everyday. We have spent much more money in big brand name brushes in department store, but it is never too late to try this equally good quality ETA brush set with a fraction of the market price.
  • Let yourself be the judge and with the 100% hassle free return policy as back up, don't miss the opportunity to try this ETA brush set before the price goes up. And you can always return it with full refund if you are not satisfied and we will still send you a travel makeup brush kit OR ETA stand alone Taklon hair brush ( also sold on Amazon) completely FREE for your efforts of trying.

Back To Nature! Pamper yourself with this high grade natural hair brush set with eco-friendly solid bamboo material! They are essential for quality seeking users who intend to create an amazing look you desire while taking care of your gentle skin. It's the difference not only shown on your face but also you can feel. Unbelievably soft! Unbelievably price! They feel like heaven on your face! Protect your asset. Don't waste your time and money on low quality brushes. Get this quality guaranteed ETA brush set for a picture perfect look today. It includes most needed Foundation brush, powder brush, Blush/bronzer brush, eyeshadow brush, eyeshadow blending brush, eyeliner/brow brush, flat eyeliner brush, angle eyeshadow brush, face contour brush and more.... Angeled brushes are typically used to apply blush. Flat Brush allows you to contour your cheeks. The corners of the brush allow you to apply color right beneath your cheekbones. Eyebrow blending brush is perfect for blending in your eye shadow along the crease of your lids. Good brushes need good care, follow the care guide below to maximize the effects of this superior natural hair brush set! Care Guide:

1. Wash before Use by gently rinse the bristles with the water streaming down.

2. Shampoo the bristles by swirling into the soap.

3. Dry up using a dry towel and gently squeeze it around the bristles so it's no soaking wet.

4. Lay them on dry towel on a table and let the bristles hang off the edge of the table so it's not laying flat against the table to protect it's shape. Do not stick them in a cup, so the water seeps into the space where the bristle meets the handle and it ruins the glue, leading the brush to fall apart.

5. Lay brushes closer to windows with sunlights.

6. Wash regularly for a longer life! If you are ready for a picture perfect, airbrushed finish, you have come to the right place! ETA also offers cruelty-free synthetic vegan brushes on Amazon. Keyword search ETA brush for more results.

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