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Extreme Health USA, Raw Golden Berries - Organic - 5 ounces

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Raw Golden Berries (Organic) Raw Mulberries - The high Antioxidant Natural Energy Berry.Also called Incan Berry, the delicious Golden Berries are power packed with nutrition like little golden nuggets.Golden Berries have a sweet and tart taste almost like the flavor of a candied lemon. You will enjoy them as much for their taste as for the nutrients they provide!

Direction of use As a dietary supplement, Enjoy 1 berry or as many as you like

Supplement Facts:


Servings Per Container: 5 Enjoy 1 berry or as many as you like Serving Size: 1oz Amount Per Serving: Calories ... 80 Total Fat ... 0g Saturated Fat ... 0g Trans Fat ... 0g Cholesterol ... 0mg Sodium ... 25mg Total Carboydrate ... 17g Dietrary Fiber ... 3g Sugars ... 9g Protein ... 2g Ingredients: Organic Golden Berries

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