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Have a difficult case? We offer free consultations with licensed practitioners and nutritionists near your local, city, and state.  Some products require you to be under the care of healthcare professionals or practitioners. If you would like to speak with the practitioner or staff please use our Contact Us page, topic “Consultation” department to send us details and the products you are looking for. Be sure to include all relative details along with a good time and day to call you. Alternatively, you may leave us a message, or even text us at 1-909-999-2026 and ask for our practitioner or staff.


PLEASE NOTE: Some Practitioners in your local might charge for Consultation, it depends on your condition and time limits,  but we will try our best to locate you a practitioner for a free consultation.



Free 15 Minute Consultation


If you are unsure about your symptoms, we encourage you to schedule your FREE 15 Minute Consultation with us. we will help you locate your local practitioner or nutritionist. This will give you the opportunity to "meet" over the phone and discuss what your needs are.  The practitioner will try to put to rest all your concerns and you can then decide if you would like to proceed further. This technique is absolutely surprising in what it can do for you. It can work for you when absolutely nothing else has. That may sound unbelievable, but it is 100% true. To get your FREE 15 Minute Consultation over the phone, or email. which is right for you, you can do that in one of the two ways. Some products that we carry will require you to be under the care of nutritionists, healthcare professionals, doctors, and practitioners. If you are first time buying products from us, we will help you to locate your local health care professional for you to take the consultation.  



What is a consultation?


A consultation is described and understood as 'the central act of medicine or supplements' which 'deserves to be understood'. It is clearly central to the transaction between doctors and patients and central to the relationship between doctors and patients.



Make an appointment


The consultation is the basic tool of general practice and, like general practice, it has changed and evolved over the years. Many factors have contributed to changes in consultation styles, content, and length. patients did not usually have booked appointment times and queued to see the doctor. Appointments were of necessity very short. Now many of our customers will require to schedule an appointment prior to meeting the doctors.



How can consultations be analyzed?


Consultation analysis is most often undertaken as part of teaching, learning, or research. In general practice, it has become a routine part of teaching and learning consultation skills. Consultations can be real or simulated. They can be observed or recorded in a number of ways:


• An observer 'sits in' on real consultations.
• An observer or observers may watch through the one-way glass so that they are not physically present in the consultation.
• Consultations can be recorded using appropriate rules and guidelines.
• Consultations can be described and discussed after the consultation by doctors, doctors, and patients or more widely with others.
• Some basic consultations can be taken through the phone or email. even fax. (will depend on your condition).













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