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Global Healing Center - Harmful Organism Cleanse Kit

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The Harmful Organism Cleanse Kit™ is designed to flush and cleanse your body of harmful organisms. Harmful organisms steal nutrition, affect your vital organs, pollute your body with waste, and weaken your immune system. If you’ve been exposed to raw vegetables, undercooked meat, or even have a pet, there’s a chance you’ve been invaded by harmful organisms. Don't let harmful organisms affect your health, cleanse your body today

A harmful organism cleanse is a natural process designed to flush and cleanse your body of harmful organisms. These unhealthy invaders exist in many forms and live throughout the body, especially the digestive tract. Acquiring an infestation is easy as they may be inhaled, ingested in food, or consumed in drinking water. Even pets carry harmful organisms. When your body is overtaken you may experience many negative health conditions.

The Harmful Organism Cleanse Kit provides you with everything you need to begin cleansing your body. Paratrex helps create an environment within your body that is toxic to harmful organisms. Latero-Flora is a probiotic supplement that encourages a normal balance of healthy, beneficial probiotic colonies in the gut.

Don't let harmful organisms affect your well-being, start cleansing your body today!

1.Harmful organisms steal nutrition from your body. 2.Harmful organisms affect your vital organs. 3.Harmful organisms pollute your body with their waste and weaken your immune system. 4.Some foods, like raw vegetables and undercooked meat, especially pork, may contain harmful organisms or their eggs. 5.Most doctors are not trained to recognize the indications of harmful organisms, which may include abdominal discomfort, occasional constipation, slow digestion, fatigue, upset stomach, skin blemishes, or weight changes


            1 x Latero-Flora™                   
            2 x Paratrex®  

Supplies Needed: •2 Bottles of Paratrex •1 Bottle of Latero-Flora

Paratrex will help create an environment in your body that is inhospitable to unwanted organisms while Latero-Flora helps populate your intestines with beneficial flora to support normal digestion.

Take Daily for 6 Weeks:

Take 3 capsules of Paratrex in the morning 20 minutes before breakfast and 3 capsules 20 minutes before lunch for 6 weeks.Take 2 capsules of Latero-Flora every other day, first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, 20 to 30 minutes before breakfast for the entire 6 weeks.

From eggs to adults, the life cycle of harmful organisms is approximately 6 weeks; for best results, the cleansing process must continue for the full cycle.

Paratrex - 2 Bottles

Formulated from wild-crafted herbs, Paratrex is designed to help your body resist harmful, invading organisms. Learn More

Latero-Flora - 1 Bottle

Only available through health professionals, Latero-Flora is a probiotic supplement that populates the intestines with beneficial bacteria

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