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GLS Nutrition, Edta 800mg - 120 Capsules

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Chelation (key-lay-shun) is a chemical process by which a metal or mineral (like lead, mercury, copper, arsenic, aluminum, calcium, etc.) is bonded to another substance. It is a process basic to life itself and goes on naturally in our body at all times. The chelation that we do artificially is similar to just using a chemical (EDTA) instead of the natural chemicals of the body. Chelation is one mechanism by which such common substances such as aspirin, antibiotics, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements work in the body. Hemoglobin, the red pigment in blood which carries oxygen, is a chelate of iron.


Chelation is a treatment by which a man-made amino acid called ethylene diamine tetraacetic (EDTA) is administered to a patient intravenously, prescribed by and under the supervision of a fully-licensed physician. The fluid containing EDTA is infused through a small needle placed in the vein of a patient’s arm. The EDTA in solution bonds with metals in the body and carries them away in the urine. Abnormally-situated nutritional metals, which speed free radical damage, and toxic metals, such as lead, are most easily removed by EDTA.

Also, EDTA rearranges essential minerals in the body, meaning that the EDTA takes some essential minerals that are where they are not supposed to be and puts them into areas of the body where they are supposed to be and where the body needs them.

Are There Any Benefits to Using Oral EDTA for Heart Disease? Chelation is a treatment commonly using EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid) given through the patient's vein (intravenous) that is used in cases of toxic exposures for removing heavy metals from the blood.


Do you have to go to a hospital to be chelated?

No, in most cases it is an outpatient treatment available in a physician’s office or clinic.

Does it hurt? What does it feel like to be chelated?

Being ?chelated? is quite a different experience from other medical treatments. There is no pain, and in most cases, very little discomfort. Patients are seated in reclining chairs and can read, nap, watch television, do needlework or chat with other patients while the fluid containing the EDTA flows into their veins. If necessary, patients can walk around. They can visit the restroom, eat and drink as they desire, or make telephone calls, being careful not to dislodge the needle attached to the intravenous infusion they carry with them. With the newer Calcium-EDTA IV push there is even less discomfort since the calcium helps the veins and this push takes only a few minutes.

Take 1 capsules as dietary supplements

Ingredients Edta 800mg with Quality and made in USA

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