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GNC, Pets GNC Ultra Mega Weaning Formula - 14.1 oz(s)

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  • GNC655
  • 400.00 gr
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Premium Formula Powder

  • Wholesome weaning formula with natural milk proteins for puppies
  • With vitamins & minerals to support healthy growth & development
  • Supports development of strong bones & healthy teeth
  • Delicious, easy to digest, nourishing formula

GNC Ultra Mega Weaning Formula has been formulated to meet the nutritional needs of young puppies being weaned from mother, or bottle fed puppies progressing to solid foods.

GNC Ultra Mega Weaning Formula should be lapped out of a bowl, not fed from a bottle. It is recommended that GNC Ultra Mega Weaning Formula be fed until puppies are seven or eight weeks old when they can be fed commercial puppy or dog food. All changes in diet should be made gradually over a period of one week.
Mixing Directions:GNC Ultra Mega Weaning Formula may be given to puppies that are up on their feet and lapping from a bowl. Give approximately 1 tablespoon of powder for every pound of body weight. Using the Feeding Guidelines, determine the amount of GNC Ultra Mega Weaning Formula to be fed to the puppy at each feeding. In general, the powder should be added to water in a 1:3 ratio as indicated in the Feeding Guidelines and mixed well (For example, 1 tablespoon of powder should be mixed with 3 tablespoons of water). Offer only small amounts and remove any portion that your puppy does not eat after twenty minutes.
Puppies should be fed three times per day; however, more or less weaning formula may be needed as individual puppies to support optimal growth. As the puppy gets older, decrease the amount of water added to the powder.
Weigh the puppies at least once a week to monitor weight gain and adequacy of feeding.
Fresh, clean water should always be available for drinking.
For best results, this product may be mixed with ready to feed liquid milk replacers such as GNC Ultra Mega Premium Milk Replacer.


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