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GNC, Pets Hairball & Shed Control Waterless Shampoo - Sweet Cherry Almond - 12 oz(s)

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Highly recommended

  • Helps remove excess hair to minimize unwanted hairballs*
  • pH balanced formula with key nutrients & antioxidants to support healthy skin & coat*
  • Soothes & revives while removing dander*

Our best-in-class pet grooming products are designed to be the perfect complement to GNC Pets supplements. Enriched with premium vitamins, minerals and other key nutrients, they provide unsurpassed cleaning of your cat’s coat, leaving it incredibly soft, lustrous and fresh smelling, while gently soothing the skin. GNC formulas are pH balanced for your cat and contain no harsh chemicals.

This easy-to-use waterless shampoo will help control your cat’s shedding and will help reduce hairballs, leaving your cat with a smooth silky coat. It works great for spot cleaning as well! For best results, use with GNC Pets Skin & Coat Supplements to help build a healthy coat from inside out.

Spray cat’s coat liberally and evenly from head to tail, avoiding the eyes. Brush out coat to ensure even distribution and saturation. Hand lather. Wipe the dry towel. Repeat as necessary. Do not use on irritated or broken skin or near open wounds. For use on cats 8 weeks of age and older.


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