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GNC, Pets Multivitamin Plus - Beef Flavor - 180 Tablets

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Highly recommended

Advanced support for general health & immune system.
5 CMCU of cellulose will liberate 0.5 mg of glucose/min/mg enzyme under standard conditions.
30,000 SKB of alpha-Amylase will liberate 15.6 mg of glucose/min/mg enzyme under standard conditions
80 LU of lipase will liberate 1 mul of fatty acids/min/mg enzyme under standard conditions
16,000 PU of papain will liberate 16 mg of tyrosine/hour/mg enzyme under standard conditions
Includes a source of amylase to hydrolyze starch, protease to hydrolyze protein, cellulose to hydrolyze cellulose and lipase to hydrolyze triglycerides.

Up to 10 lbs....1/2 tablet
11 to 50 lbs....1 tablet
Over 50 lbs....2 tablets


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