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Green Genius Biodegradable Large Trash Bags, Drawstring - 30 Gallon 15 Count

  • $28.99
  • $23.99

DID YOU KNOW THAT NORMAL PLASTIC BAGS NEVER BIODEGRADE? Well, not for a thousand years or so, which in our book pretty much qualifies for "never". But have no fear: Green Genius trash bags have been proven to biodegrade under active landfill conditions, typically within 1 to 10 years (ASTM D5511). On top of that, our bags have everything the other guys have: They're just as puncture resistant as the national brands (3-ply strength, woohoo!) with ridiculously strong drawstrings. They're priced the same, too. PLUS, they're made from 40% recycled plastic. About the only thing the other bags have that we don't is the ability to sit around intact for the next thousand years or so. SAME STRENGTH. SAME PRICE.

Proven to Biodegrade under Active Landfill Conditions (typically within 1 to 10 years)

  • Ridiculously Strong - Same Puncture Resistance as Leading Brands
  • Priced Comparably to National Brands
  • Made with 40% Recycled Plastic
  • Easy-To-Use Drawstrings

Easy-To-Use Drawstrings

Made with 40% Recycled Plastic

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