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Growers Alliance Coffee Organic Kenya Whole Bean Coffee - 12 oz

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Fair Trade Certified

  • Gourmet Quality
  • Shade Grown
  • Award Winning
  • 100% Arabica Beans
  •  Growers Alliance Coffee

    Growers Alliance Coffee is passionately committed to brining you the finest gourmet coffees from the best specialty coffee producing countries across the globe. We do not blend our coffees and our 100% exceptional arabica beans are masterfully roasted to be enjoyed as Single Origin Coffees. This helps to maintain, enhance and identify the particular taste profile for each single coffee growing country.




    Growers Alliance Coffee Company was founded by Martin Kabaki and Purity Gikunju who grew up on coffee farms in Kenya. After moving to live in the United States, they were shocked to see $4 latte cups while coffee growers back in their Kenyan village earn a measly 15 cents for a whole pound of their harvested green coffee beans!



    Martin and purity immediately decided to start their own coffee company in Jacksonville Florida with a mission to cut out the several unnecessary middlemen. Their goal is to help empower the poor coffee growers with better prices for their coffee crop and better living standards.


    We specialize in the best gourmet, USDA Organic and Fair Trade certified coffees in the world.


  1. Grind the whole beans for the amount of coffee that you need a few minutes before the brewing process.

  2. We recommend using approximately one tablespoon of ground coffee per 6 oz cup of filtered or bottled water.

  3. Adjust the coffee measurement to get your desired strength.

  4. Distribute the coffee evenly in the coffee filter.

  5. After brewing, remove the grounds and serve right away to enjoy the full flavor and aroma of an excellent cup.

Coffee should be stored in an airtight container, like the bag that you just purchased, and kept in a dry dark place at room temperature. For the best storage results, reseal your bag tightly with the red tin-tie after each use.

100% Arabica Beans Growers Alliance Coffee Organic

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