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Healthy Habits - IonPod Stainless Steel Water Ionizers by Healthy Habits

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Improve your water, improve your life! Most people drink nowhere near enough water and the water they do drink is oxidizing, acid (low pH) and contributes to premature aging. This has been proven in thousands of clinical cases. Today, acidity abounds due to improper eating and drinking habits. This acidity sets the stage for almost every illness you can name. You will be amazed at the health goals you can achieve when acidity is no longer ruling your body.

Alkalizing and Energizing Water Bottle.Increases The pH of Ordinary Tap Water In Minutes.

  • Lowers The ORP of Ordinary Tap Water In Minutes.
  • Reduce Acidity.
  • Reduce Premature Aging.

First time users should start with 10 oz daily and gradually increase to standard daily consumption. Prescription drug users should not use IonPod® water to take their medication. Some highly sensitive people may experience normal detox reactions that usually disappear within 2 weeks of normal use. Decrease or cease use if reactions persist or become stronger.

Uses 13 minerals including: • Tormaline- helps reduce surface tension, provides FIR, ionization. • Zeolite- Absorbs and retains heavy metals and toxins. • Maifanshi- absorbs toxins and supplies trace minerals.

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