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Healthy Steps - Portion Control Pasta Basket

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Pasta is good for us. It's cholesterol-free and virtually fat and sodium free; but sometimes we're inclined to eat larger portions than we should. O Magazine and Food Network Magazine have already sung the praises of Jokari's Healthy Steps Portion Control Pasta Basket because it's the ideal way to measure, cook and strain a correctly-sized single serving of your favorite pasta.

The collapsible silicone basket not only accommodates pots of varying depths, it also provides a contained cooking space to ensure that you won't cook more pasta than you need (and then be tempted to eat "just a little bit more!") But it's not just for pasta, because it also easily steams vegetables or seafood and, because up to four baskets fit into one pot, it's perfect for preparing an entire meal knowing that everything is properly measured without the fuss of weighing or counting calories.

Wow, now you can actually eat everything on your plate and still feel good about it! Jokari's Portion Control Pasta Basket helps you to prepare healthy foods at home faster and easier; top rack dishwasher safe. For over 40 years, Jokari has held a special place in its heart for gadgets; today, they specialize in providing affordable solutions to common problems faced by consumers. From unique kitchen gadgets and household storage and organization solutions to their Healthy Steps kitchen tools designed to help with portion control and healthy eating, Jokari is committed to creating useful and often crazy looking "thingamajigs" that are fun, colorful and easy to use.

Jokari Healthy Steps Portion Control Pasta Basket; 6.8 x 5.1 x 1.3-inch overall measurement

  • Measure, cook and strain a correctly-sized serving of any type of pasta without counting calories
  • Collapsible silicone basket works in pots of varying depths; use up to 4 baskets in most pots
  • Also great for steaming veggies or fish; top rack dishwasher safe
  • Jokari's line of clever gadgets and home storage and

With Heatlhy Steps:

  • No Counting
  • No Weighing
  • No Hassle

Healthy Hints:

  • Pasta is a great source of folic acid, thiamin, iron, riboflavin and niacin.
  • Pasta is cholesterol-free and virtually fat and salt free!

How to use:

  • Pour in pasta to serving line on side.  For long noodles use hole in handle to measure. 

  • Set basket into boiling water by resting handle on lip of pot.  See pasta box for cooking time.

  • When done, lift basket out of water to strain and pour directly onto plate to serve.

  • Collapse to store.

Jokari Healthy Steps Portion Control Pasta Basket

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