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Human Body Detectives, Human Body Detectives: Brainiacs Case #5 - Book

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In Brainiacs, Merrin and Pearl venture in to the nervous system when their favorite teacher, Ms. Anderson, spills hot tea on her leg. On the way to her brain to examine how shell react, Merrin and Pearl ride a nerve impulse, bounce among dendrites, explore the brains gray matter, and so much more. In the end, they not only learn how messages are communicated between the brain and the body, but they also get a firsthand lesson on the functions of the nervous system.

Ideal for both the home and the classroom, these beautifully illustrated books offer activity pages as well as a glossary of terms and information about the best foods kids can eat to keep their bodies healthy. A curriculum for teachers is also available for each book. The Human Body Detectives series offers science with a twist--an accessible lesson about the human body presented in a fun, relatable way that kids will love.

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