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Korean ILHWA Ginseng Extract Ginex Granule Contains 30g (30 Packets, 1g Each)

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ILHWA is The World leader in Ginseng Science! Through decades of consistent scientific leadership, ILHWA developed the world's most efficacious and balanced Lyophilization Ginseng Extract Granule. Ginex Granules allow you to enjoy a unique combination of benefits including optimized energy, relaxation, inner balance and mental clarity. Ginseng Extract Granule - 21st Century Korean GinsengTM from ILHWA

Stress Management, Mental Clarity, PH Balance,Balances energy, Lower Cholesterol,Adrenal Supportive, Improves your sleep, Homeostatic Balance

  • Supports hormone balance, Supports blood sugar balance, Supports strong immune system, Improved virility & sexual function
  • Great for HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS, Non GMO, No preservatives, Over 40 years of clinical research
  • Super powerful ginseng 140% concentrated granules, up to 15% protein
  • This highly concentrated version of Ginseng is 40% more powerful than any Ginseng Extract

Lyophilization Ginseng Extract Granule

  • Root of Energy + Wellness

Ginex Granules allow you to enjoy a unique combination of benefits  including optimized energy, relaxation, inner balance and mental  clarity.

Ginex is made of 100% pure IL HWA Korean Ginseng extract with no  additives. IL HWA perfected the processing of ginseng for over 30 years  and has created the world's most medicinally effective extract: a hybrid between white and red ginseng. This unique process allows Ginex  Granules to contain more ginsenosides, vitamins, amino acids and  germanium that other ginseng products. It's easy to use, just add water.

Suggested Use
One packet (1 g), up to  three times a day. Add 1 g packet to one litter of water and shake well. Use less to increase potency. Ginex can be added to any beverage of  choice to increase health and energy.

Suggested Use: One packet (1 g), up to three times a day. Add 1 g packet to one litter of water and shake well. Then shake until the granules have dissolved. Use less to increase potency. You get quality Korean ginseng in pure form mixed with water or your favorite juice or green drink.Try GINEX everyday. Take one or more packets for 30 days and you will feel the difference. Ginex can be taken with one liter of water. However many people enjoy a stronger, more impactful dosage by adding it to less water such as 16, 8 or even 4 ounces. You may often experience an uncanny combination of ENERGY together with RELAXATION, allowing you to be more effective in YOUR DAILY ACTIVITIES. A reduction in stress and fatigue may also be accompanied by a noticeable increase in focus and concentration. This is common with the use of Ginex. GINEX: Bring your body into Balance Long term, daily use of GINEX will provide you with over all improved and vibrant health. After several months your friends will remark how young and energized you look!. Enjoy the smooth energy and mental clarity and focus wherever you go!

Other Ingredients
100% ginseng extract granules.

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