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Magnesium Chloride Oil - 8 Oz. (Aceite De Cloruro De Magnesio)

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Magnesium Chloride Oil is a concentrated solution to be applied directly on the skin. Only a few drops a day will restore the magnesium levels in the body for the good health and rejuvenation. Magnesium oil absorbs almost immediately upon contact and is used by the most needed cells and tissues.

Magnesium Chloride Oil - Concentrated, natural solution

  • Transdermal application to restore magnesium levels in the body
  • Rapidly absorbed into the cells providing relief for aches and pain,
  • Arthritis, back pain, sciatic nerve, cramps, migraines.
  • Aceite de Cloruro de Magnesio, solución concentrada y natural.

Safety Information
Do not use if suffer from chronic kidney disease.

Arthritis, joint and muscle pain, cramps, sciatic nerve, loss of hair.

Two teaspoons over the skin daily, or mix with water for foot soak and bath.

Magnesium Chloride concentrated mixed with purified water.

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