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MedicMates - Acupressure Sleep Aid Band

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MedicMates' Deluxe Acupressure Sleep Aid Band is a specially designed adjustable band equipped with an attached, anatomically design cd button. Place both MedicMates' Deluxe Acupressure Sleep Aid Bands on your wrists at anytime prior to napping or sleeping.

MedicMates' Deluxe Acupressure Sleep Aid Band applies a constant, deep but gentle pressure to the H7 (Spirit Gate) acupressure point of each wrist as a method of aiding relaxation, anxiety, and some non-medical insomnias. MedicMates' Deluxe Acupressure Sleep Aid Band can be effective in aiding those people with "nervous" sleep problems without using drugs.

Front label panel: MEDICMATES ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE PRODUCTS Deluxe ACUPRESSURE Sleep Aid Band FOR RELIEF FROM INSOMIA DUE TO STRESS Instructions: Full instructions inside. Ingredients: Safe and completely natural-no drugs and no unpleasant side effects.

Supplemental Facts: The MedicMates bands make use of the 5 000 year old Chinese art of acupressure to aid restful sleep. Medicmates Bead applies a deep but gentle massaging pressure to the H7 acupoint of the wrist. Fully adjustable easy and comfortable to wear. NEVER WEAR THE SLEEP AID BAND WHILE DRIVING OR OPERATING ANY MACHINERY.

It is very important to locate, the H7 point on each wrist before attempting relief. The band can only be effective if you have the button placed directly over the point. The H7 point is ALWAYS located on the inside of the wrist in line with your little finger. It is on or near the wrist crease in the small hollow just below the palm of the hand. Now try to locate these points and when you do you should feel a slight “twinge". This is the H7 (Spirit Gate) point and the location for the tip of the button to rest on.

You may need additional pressure from your fingertip or thumb to locate the point. However, once the points are located and the band is in place you need only to wear it snug enough for it to stay in place.

After you know where the H7 (Spirit Gate) acupressure point is on your wrists you will not need to use the deep probing each time. You will simply put on you Sleep Aid Band. Adjusting may be necessary occasionally, particularly if you are to use it for many hours at a time.


Never wear the Sleep Aid Bands while driving or operating any machinery. The MedicMates Sleep Aid Band is designed solely to be worn, not tightly around the wrists. Do Not allow babies or children to play with it. It Is Not A Toy!. It could cause suffocation around the neck of a person or pet. Use Only As Intended!

As with any medical drugs, traditional or alternative, results may vary from person to person. This product may be used alone or in pairs. It may be used as an aid in conjuction with other sleep aids. for best reuslts, be sure that these instuctions are read and fully understood before using.

All Natural; there are no pills and no side effects.

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