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Ms. Manicure Pretty in Pink Manicure Set

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Part of the Ms. Line. The Ms. Is a one-stop shop for beauty tools and treats for gorgeous hands and feet. Her style is whimsical and witty, with an element of chic boutique sophistication at an affordable price.

7 tools for perfect nails

  • All the tools necessary to dress up dull nails
  • Includes : wood cuticle sticks, cuticle pusher, cuticle trimmer, sapphire file, nail clipper, salon board, and 3-way buffer

The Nail News

ask Ms. Manicure

Dear Ms. Manicure

Hands down, my hands could use some work! I want to add some sparkle to my life with a manicure that looks professional- without blowing my budget at an expensive salon. What can you recommend for a girl who wants fabulous nails that she can do on her own?

FabuLESS, less than professional

Dear FabuLESS,

With the help of Ms. Manicure, you can nail some simple manicure techniques to become a pro in no time. Once I hand it over, this Pretty in Pink set will help solve all of your nail problems. It has the basic do-it-yourself tools you need to get glamorous nails anywhere!

Ms. Manicure

Suggested Use

  1. Use tip of my Sapphire File to gently clean under nails.

  2. Gently push back ragged cuticles with my Cuticle Pusher or my Cuticle Stick.

  3. Remove any excess, ragged skin with my Cuticle Trimmer.

  4. Resize tips with my Nail Clipper.

  5. Shape and smooth nails with my Salon Board or Sapphire File.

  6. Finish by smoothing ridges and buffing dullness away with my 3-Way Nail Buffer.


Keep out of reach of children.

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