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Nasal Irrigation Device Adult Nasaline

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The easy, comfortable, and safe method to irrigate your nasal cavities with saline solution. The syringe allows the user to control the flow for optimum comfort and effectiveness. The patented silicone tip was designed to produce a gentle and effective swirl when the saline solution enters the nose. No additional equipment or attachments required-practical and durable for frequent and repeated use. Helps de-congest and drain blocked nasal passages.

Heat up fresh clean tap water or use warm water directly from the tap. The water temperature should be at body temperature and feel comfortable to the touch. Mix one (1) teaspoon of salt into approximately two (2) cups of water. Stir to dissolve the salt. If you feel a light stinging feeling in your nose when you flush, you may be adding too much or too little salt. If you are planning to use Nasaline for an extended period of time, we recommend using non-iodized salt.

nasal irrigator, 10 pre measured saline packets.

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