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Native USA Organic Sugar - 50 Packets

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Native's organic sugar is processed naturally to preserve its rich flavor and quality. Created in 1987, the Native projects were the first to farm organic green cane without typical can burning and chemical methods. Recognized as a leader in organic farming, moving beyond its roots in organic sugar, Native now produces biodegradable plastic and ethanol made from sugar, as well as other great organic products.

50 sugar packs

  • Certified USDA organic
  • Certified EcoSocial

Native is a consequence, not a goal, of the largest existing organic agricultural project in the world. The Green Cane Project was developed to create a self-sustainable production system for organic sugar cane, transforming the whole production process of organic agriculture.

The aims of this model of agricultural production are the harmonious co-existence of nature and economic activity and the preservation and encouragement of biodiversity by tapping into its richness to produce food for a growing world. This partnership with nature has transformed Native into the largest organic sugar cane exporter in the world.

Best selling organic sugar in the world Native has a rich history of ground breaking innovation in the harvesting and production of sugar ca

Ingredients Organic cane sugar.

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