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Native USA Turbinado (Demerara) Organic Sugar - 2.2 Pound Bags

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Native is a consequence, not a goal, of the largest existing organic agricultural project in the world. The Green Cane Project was developed to create a self-sustainable production system for organic sugar cane, transforming the whole production process of organic agriculture. The aims of this model of agricultural production are the harmonious co-existence of nature and economic activity and the preservation and encouragement of biodiversity by tapping into its richness to produce food for a growing world. This partnership with nature has transformed Native into the largest organic sugar cane exporter in the world.

The Native organic sugar is the outcome of an agro-industrial system that combines modern technology with natural farming practices, a process in which the cane is planted using organic management, subjected to biological pest control, and harvested green, i.e. not burnt, which, in addition to maintaining its qualities intact, preserves the soil and the environment. Each grain of the Native sugar is the purest, healthiest essence of sugar syrup - hence its fruity taste. Click here to check out the Native sugar production flowchart

Best selling organic sugar in the world Native has a rich history of ground breaking innovation in the harvesting and production of sugar ca

AMOUNT PER SERVING 5 g (1 teaspoon) %VD (*) Energy 20 Kcal = 85 KJ 1% Carbohydrates 5,0 g 2% Proteins 0 g 0% Total of fats 0 g 0% Saturated fats 0 g 0% Trans fats 0 g ** Food fiber 0 g 0% Sodium 0 mg 0% (*) % Daily values based on a 2000-Kcal or 8400-kJ diet. Depending on your energy needs, you may require higher or lower daily values. (**) DV not established. The nutritional facts above may vary depending on the product's manufacturing batch. Before consuming, check the nutrition data on the product's label. Ingredient: organic sugar. Does not contain gluten.

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