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Natural Biology, Everest Earth and Sea Formula - 180 Capsules

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A Scientific Approach to Energize your Mind & Body

EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula is a quantum leap beyond health maintenance into a whole new world of health excellence. The formula is based on the work of two time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling who pioneered the science of ortho-molecular medicine, a holistic approach of giving your body and mind what it requires to operate at its peak performances.

This balanced and comprehensive formula seeks to restore the optimum ecological environment for your body's cells by correcting sub-clinical imbalances and deficiencies. It goes far beyond high potency multivitamins by providing you with a total micro-nutrient system consisting of 55 university researched micro-nutrients – at the same potencies used in major research.

Give Yourself that Extra Boost
Your brain, your eyes, your skin...your immune system, your muscular-skeletal system...your heart and cardiovascular system - all need a balance of special nutrients to work together in harmony. When all your organs and systems work in harmony, you have energy, a clear mind, and you’re in control. Runners describe that euphoric state as "being in the zone." It is often described often as an experience beyond energy.

No matter how good your diet is, today you lose important factors that can rob you of your fitness and your vitality, and ultimately weaken your immune system.
Scientists today are increasingly discovering a condition they call sub-clinical deficiency. You simply do not feel the way you used to. Energy shots and extra cups of coffee just don’t work the way they used to, whatever the cause - our low energy foods, stress, age, diet, lack of exercise, toxins, drugs, or lifestyle choices. Most people report significant improvements in energy and vitality the first 14-21 days after they start taking EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula.

More Energy and Maximize Metabolism for the Krebs’s Cycle & the Glycolytic Cycle
EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula™ is a potent source of coenzymes, metalloenzymes, and metabolites involved in energy production in the body. There are two main energy production cycles in cells: the glycolytic cycle and the Krebs’ cycle.

Together, they generate about 90-95% of the body’s entire energy supply –using fats, sugars, and amino acids as fuel, with enzymes as facilitators. The enzymes which catalyze energy production function in combination with coenzymes made from vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B5 and Biotin, plus metalloenzymes made fromminerals. Biotin, an often-overlooked nutrient, may function to help the body maintain a youthful metabolism. The mineral Magnesium aids in energy production, not only by acting as a cofactor to some enzymes, but also as a stabilizer of ATP, the body’s primary energy molecule.

Some of the key connecting enzymes in the energy production process require two additional non-vitamin coenzyme nutrients to maximally convert food to energy: Alpha Lipoic Acid and Coenzyme Q10 known asCo-Q10. Alpha Lipoic Acid helps convert the end product of the glycolytic cycle, pyruvate, into actyl-CoA, a principle fuel for the higher energy Krebs’ cycle. Coenzyme Q10 is the connecting link for three of the four main enzyme complexes in the Electron Transport System, and offshoot of the Krebs’s cycle, where ATP molecules are cashed in for energy. The muscle-supporting electrolyte mineral Potassium is in the form of Alpha-Ketoglutarate, a critical Krebs’ cycle metabolite that has additional benefits. It has long been used to improve the efficiency of ammonia-clearance from the body, an indispensable function, as ammonia is both exceedingly harmful and constantly produced through the metabolism of proteins.

Because alpha-ketoglutarate is an organic compound well recognized by cells, it is an excellent transport of potassium into cells. Succinic Acid, or succinate, is also a metabolite in the Krebs’ cycle. It not only boosts production of ATP energy potential, but also increases the muscle cells’ production of creatine phosphate, another high-energy biochemical.? Chromium is the essential mineral component of glucose tolerance factor, or GTE, which functions to help insulin draw sugar molecules from the bloodstream into the cell

Suggested Use: Take 3 or 6 capsules daily (see below for a more detail instruction set)

Supplement Facts Capsules per bottle: 180 Serving Size: 6 Servings per bottle: 30 Amount Per Serving Daily % Value Resveratrol (French Red Wine Grape Extract) 400mg * Co-Q10 100mg * Green Tea Extract 98% (45% ECGC) 200mg * Grape Seed Extract 95% (OPC) 20:1 100mg * Noni Extract 99% Polynesian Islands 100mg * Goji Berry Extract 99% - Himalyian Moutains 100mg * ACAII Extract 5:1 (Brazil) 100mg * Pomegranate Extract (40% ellagic acid) 100mg * Gingo Biloba Extract 24/6 100mg * Siberian Rhodiola Rosea 3% 100mg * Lycopene 20mg * * Luiten 20mg L-Tyrosine 100mg * * Alpha Lipoic Aci 200mg * Acetyl-l-Carnitine 400mg * Quercetin 60mg * Glutamine 200mg * Poly Peptide Complex L-argenine, L-ornithine, L-lysine, Colostrum, Whey 500mg * L-Argenine 200mg * L-Ornithine 100mg * L-Lysine 100mg * Vitamin C (absorbic acid) 300mg 500% Vitamin D3 1200IU 300% Vitamin E Mix tocopherol 200IU 700% Vitamin B1 100mg 6667% Vitamin B2 100mg 5880% Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 100mg 890% Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) 100mg 1000% Vitamin B6 100mg 5000% Vitamin B12 1000mcg 10000% Folic Acid 500mcg 125% Potassium 45mg 2% Zinc Citrate 15mg 100% Succinic Acid 100mg * Inositol 100mg * DMAE 100mg * N-Aceytl-L-Cysteine 100mg * MSM 100mg * Ginger Root 40mg * Earth & Sea Minerals (coral and plant derived) 900mg * from organic ionic fulvic acid, okinawa coral calcium, himalyian salt minerals, sea kelp, dulse Organic Greens Proprietary Blend: 500mg * Royal Jelly, Organic Spirulina, Bee Pollen, Chorella *Daily Value Not Established

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