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Naturasil Homoeopathic Remedies for Skin Tags - 0.5 Ounce (15 ml)

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Naturasil for skin tags is proven to eliminate skin tags without harsh chemical treatments found in many traditional methods that are simply not effective at skin tag removal.

100% natural homeopathic extracts

  • Not tested on animals
  • Naturasil for Skin Tag Removal is proven to safely and effectively remove all strains of skin tags, polypi, and skin tubercles including cutaneous papilloma, using exclusive plant extracts without the pain, scarring, or harsh treatments found in many traditional methods.

Naturasil Skin Tag Remover Homeopathic Remedy assists in removing skin tags without pain, scarring or the harsh ingredients found in many traditional methods. Naturasil uses essential plant extracts that have properties which assist in the elimination of skin tags by drying them up, and the ultimately falling off. Naturasil Skin Tag Remove ONLY works on skin tags. Please make sure you know the difference between a skin tag, mole, or other skin ailment before use. Skin tags are small benign skin growths which look like a small piece of soft hanging skin.

Naturasil Skin Tag Remove works if used as directed. You MUST be diligent and apply 3-4 times per day. Results will vary depending on the skin tag, your body chemical make up, if it really is a skin tag, and if you follow the directions diligently. Skin Tags in the armpit area will require additional applications. This is due to perspiration mixing with the oils and diluting the effectiveness. Naturasil suggests using a small band-aid with Naturasil applied to the pad and then applied over the skin tag for direct contact.

  • Assists in removing skin tags
  • Easy and painless to apply
  • 100% natural homeopathic remedy
  • No scarring
  • Built in applicator brush
  • Use for 3-6 weeks. Results may vary.


Apply 3 times daily to affected area. Skin tag will dry and flake away over a 3-6 week period. Some individuals may sensitive to essential oils. Skin test for tolerability. If irritation or reaction occurs, discontinue use.


For external use only. Ask a doctor before if use if pregnant or nursing. Avoid using near eyes or mouth. Keep out of reach of children.

Active Ingredients: Thuja Occidentalis 6X HPUS (Purpose: Polypi, Naevi, Skin Tubercle Symptom Relief)

Inactive Ingredients: Cedar Leaf Oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil.

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