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Nature New, Stem Cell Regain Youth - 90 Capsules

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Formulated to rejuvenate your body and slow the aging process to help you feel and function more like a young person. This can help you feel better, look younger and improve your health. Most of the cells in your body lose function with age. Everyone has special cells called adult stem cells which are needed to rejuvenate damaged and old tissues, but adult stem cells themselves are also aging. Until now there was not much you could do about it. It rejuvenates adult stem cells and their micro-environments.

Serving Size: 1 Capsules

Supplement Facts  
Serving Size: 1 Capsules  
Servings Per Container: 90  
Amount per serving%Daily Value
Blue-Green Algae50mg*
(aphanizmenon Flos-Aquae)  
Blueberry Extract100mg*
Grape Seed Extract100mg 
Grape Seed Extract50mg 
Green Tea Extract10mg 
Vitamin B-1210mg 
Vitamin B2200mcg 
Folic Acid  
*Daily Value Not Established

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