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Nature's Grilling Mesquite Lump Charcoal - 6.6 lbs (Pack of 5)

  • $129.99
  • $95.99

Nature's Grilling Mesquite Lump Charcoal gives food a mild, yet bold flavour

  • Can be used for grilling or smoking
  • Charcoal bag size: 6.6 lb (3 kg)

Nature's Grilling Products GourmetMesquite 100% Natural Wood Charcoal - 6.6 lbs. (3 kg) Grilling with Nature's Grilling Hickory all-natural hickory wood chunks and chips ensures that the natural flavor is exquisitely enhanced with the time-honored flavor of hickory, perhaps the most beloved wood implied in the American tradition of infusing foods with wood-smoked flavor.

All Nature's Grilling Products are produced without synthetic chemicals or additives. Backyard Grilling Experience When creating the ultimate grilling experience, you have to start with the ultimate fuel source - Nature's Grilling Charcoal. What makes Nature's Grilling products so special? Nature's Grilling Products uses 100% natural woods, such as mesquite, ebony, eucalyptus, and other Mexican tropical hardwoods that grab hold of your choice meat cuts to deliver a flavor that makes taste buds tingle.

When you're grilling, Nature's Grilling Charcoal, Chunks and Chips offer the first key to a successful grilling experience that can satisfy your appetite for the way food is supposed to taste - 100% Natural. The secret is out - great grilling the natural way makes food scrumptious and healthy. Healthy Grilling with Natural Grilling Products: For You World's Purest Charcoal: No Chemicals, No Fillers, No Coal - Just Carbonized Wood Purest Charcoal Means Best Aroma & Flavor - With No Aftertaste Best Performance & Value: Burns Hotter, Lasts 34% Longer, Produces 36% Less Ash For the Environment Nature's Grilling Products protect the fragile ecosystems from which their products are harvested, by harvesting from only regions that meet their strict resource management practices.

If using starter fluid, refer to the manufacture's instructions.

  1. Begin stacking the charcoal in a pyramis

  2. Add in natural starter sticks; or (Natural Grilling Tip: crumpled papers saturated with vegetable oil).

  3. Complete pyramid on top of starter sticks/papers.

  4. Light the starter sticks/papers in several places (always keep grill uncovered until ready to cook).

  5. When charcoal is mostly ashed, spread evenly in a single layer.

Ingredients All Nature’s Grilling Products are made from 100% natural woods, produced without synthetic chemicals, artificial ingredients or additives.

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