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NutraBlast, Soy Lecithin 1200mg Supplement - 100 Softgels

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Soy Lecithin 1200mg Supplement - Non-GMO

  • Support Brain, Memory & Focus
  • energy booster
  • Support Nerve Health 
  • Heart Health 
  • lecithin
  • THE PERFECT NATURAL ADDITION TO YOUR DIET: "Lecithin" refers to a group of essential fatty acids that contribute in hundreds of our body's functions. These softgels will provide you with a steady supply of high potency, soy-derived vegan lecithin organic - a great addition to any healthy balanced diet!


  • SUPPORTS YOUR BODY AND MIND: Like all essential fatty acids, NutraBlast organic soy lecithin softgel pills will provide valuable support to the function of your liver, cardiovascular system, and brain. They will also help you regulate your cholesterol and lose weight!


  • PREMIUM QUALITY MADE IN USA: When it comes to our nutritional and dietary supplements, we make a point of using nothing but the finest natural non-GMO vitamin ingredients, the process starts with the Lecithin liquid oil,and after that using our state-of-the-art capsule production processes and strict quality source control.


  • FORGET ABOUT SIDE EFFECTS: What really sets this amazing nutritional supplement so far apart from anything else, is the fact that it has absolutely no adverse side effects - just pure health benefits! If you have any allergies to Sunflower, start taking care of your health today.

NutraBlast Soy Lecithin - Supports Fat Reduction, Cardiovascular System, and Liver Function

Are you pursuing a healthy lifestyle, and looking for a way to improve your diet?

Aren't you sick and tired of spending time and money on nutritional supplements full of suspicious filler ingredients, that often end up doing more harm than good?

If that's the case, then these amazing soy lecithin softgels will prove to be exactly what you're looking for!

Unlike liquid soy lecithin or lecithin powder, softgels make it much easier to calculate the exact nutritional supplement dosage and intake your diet requires. What's more, they vastly improve lecithin's absorption from your body, maximize its beneficial effects, and gives you a massive boost to your sense of wellbeing!

So, What Are You Still Waiting For?

Directions 1 softgel taken 1 to 3 times daily preferably with meals or as directed by a healthcare professional

Ingredients Soy Lecithin, Naturally Providing Phosphatidylcholine, Phosphatidylinositol, Gelatin (Bovine), Glycerin And Purified Water

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