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Nutramax Cosequin Equine Powder - 3 Lbs (1400g

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#1 Veterinarian recommended

  • For Horses Only.
  • Maintains healthy joint
  • Protects against arthritis
  • Increase joint mobility and function

Ease your colt’s creaky joints with Nutramax/Cosequin Cosequin Equine Powder. This supplement for your steed keeps joints strong and supports overall health. Available in a variety of sizes, it is recommended for horses of all classes. Helps support joint function and maintain health. Recommended for all classes of horses. Nutritional supplement holds 400 g.. Available in various sizes.

Cosequin powder for horses is a patented combination of glucosamine, purified
chondroitin sulfate and manganese ascorbate for optimal functioning of the
skeletal joints. Helps reduce inflammation and rebuild cartilage and its major

most horses, Cosequin can be conveniently topdressed. If your horse is not fed sweet feed, you can add a small amount of water or molasses to get the Cosequin to stick to the grains. You can also add molasses to appease a more finicky animal.

For some horses, it may be easiest to oral dose. Simply mix Cosequin with a small amount of water or molasses and dose orally with a syringe.

The initial administration period is 4 to 6 weeks. The dosage can be increased but should  not be decreased during this period. If a horse shows little or no response after 30 days, extend the initial dosage for two (2) more weeks.

Initial Administration:

Average Horse

3 level scoops AM and PM

1,200 lbs. or over

4 level scoops AM and PM

Overly large horses (warmbloods, draft breeds)

may need 4 to 5 scoops AM & PM

Transitional Period:

Please do not lower dosage until horse has begun to respond. After horse has achieved a good response, reduce daily dosage by one (1) level scoop each week. Reducing the horse’s dosage in this manner will help find its individual maintenance level more easily. Always watch the animal’s movement and attitude to ensure that it is still feeling comfortable through each weekly transition. Dosage may be increased at any time if needed.

Suggested daily use: Cosequin®: 3 level scoops, Horses over 1,200 lbs: 4 level scoops. Cosequin® Optimized: Per 600 lbs: 2 scoops daily for 2-4 weeks, then 1 scoop daily for long term administration. Cosequin® ASU+: Per 600 lbs: 2 scoops daily for 2-4 weeks, then 1 scoop daily for long term administration.

Cosequin® Optimized contains higher levels of active ingredients. This formula contains double the amount of glucosamine hydrochloride, at 14,400 mg, and 2,400 mg of chondroitin sulfate (per 2 scoops), as compared to the original Cosequin® Equine formula. Horses under high stress from intense activity may benefit from higher levels of glucosamine. Apple flavored powder. 

Cosequin® ASU+ is the most advanced Cosequin joint health formula for an optimal level of support. Contains glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and avocado/soybean unsaponifiables (ASU) - PLUS high quality hyaluronic acid (HA) and Green Tea Extract. HA is an ingredient that helps lubricate the joints. Green Tea Extract is an antioxidant that protects the body from the effects of free radicals. Cell culture research shows that these ingredients together inhibit many mediators that contribute to the breakdown of cartilage

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