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Panaxea International, ICC - 60 capsules

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Product Overview

Chronic, often "silent" inflammation may be the new plague of the 21st century. This inflammation is triggered by ageing and a host of lifestyle factors - lack of exercise, poor diet, and stress and sleep deprivation. This chronic inflammation is an underlying factor in a wide range of health conditions.*

Managing inflammation is an important factor in maintaining optimum health. ICC is a combination of herbal extracts traditionally used to help manage and support conditions associated with long-term chronic inflammation.*



Supports a healthy inflammatory response*


Suggested Use: 2 capsules twice daily on empty stomach


Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 capsules

Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value
Stephania root extract
(15% Tetrandrine, 5% Fangchinoline) (Fen Fang Ji)
260 mg
Stinging Nettle leaf (Gou Teng)
260 mg
Holy Basil (leaf and stem) 
(contains extract 2.5% Ursolic acid) (Lou Le)
200 mg
Ginger (root)
(contains extract 20% gingerols) (Sheng Jiang)
160 mg
Frankincense (30% AKBA) (Ru Xiang)
50 mg
Green Tea Leaf (Extract EGCG 40%) (Lu Cha)
50 mg
Chamomile flower extract
(Containing Luteolin 90%) (Chun Huang Ju)
20 mg

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