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Professional Health Products, Regenerate - 4.4 oz

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Regenerate is a powerful, regenerative formulation that features Avian Albumin Extract, Organic Aloe Vera and SunFiber. Avian Albumin Extract (AAE), has been studied for its positive health benefits. Multiple studies show clinically significant improvement in athletic performance, response to everyday stress, as well as in specific conditions such as depression.1,2,3,4

AAE is naturally occurring, derived from the albumen (egg white) of fertile incubated organic Norwegian hens’ eggs. This potent and patented extract is made from nine day fertilized and incubated egg extract; it does not contain yolk or embryo. The ninth day of incubation is the most important day, as this is when the albumen goes through a tripling of its growth cycle. At this exact time, many peptides and growth factors are created as well as all the essential nutrients to create a full life. This includes all essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, polysaccharides nucleic acid. This is truly nature’s most perfect superfood!

Organic Aloe Vera has been added to this formulation for its synergistic effects alongside AAE, in addition to its ability to improve absorption. Aloe vera is also supportive and soothing to the GI tract.
Sunfiber is a well-studied soluble fiber that has been shown to be a powerful prebiotic, helping to nourish the microflora. Sunfiber also supports regularity, helping to food move through the digestive tract at a comfortable pace, thereby regulating hunger, which may lead to weight loss.

This product is a tasteless powder that can be added to any beverage. Each scoop delivers 1000mg of AAE. It is recommended to start with 2-4 scoops per day, in divided servings (one serving with breakfast, one with dinner), and then after 3 months you may reduce the dose by 50%. If you have a chronic disease, it can take higher dosage and more time to build up to reach a maximum benefit. Please consult with your licensed healthcare provider.

Health Functions

    Blood Sugar & Cardiovascular
    Blood Sugar Regulation
    Cardiovascular Support
    Gland/Organ Support
    Neurological & Mood Support
    Neurological Support
    Renal Support
    Respiratory Support
    Weight Loss

    Avian Albumin Extract
    Organic Aloe Vera

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