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Purely Products, Ionic Lifestyle Negative Ion purifier

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IPWW Plug into the positive power of negative ions while you work, relax or drive. It s the negative ions generated by nature, (strolling along the beach or hiking by a water fall) that have the greatest positive health effects. Ionic Purifier compact negative ion generators for home or office, car and computer - emits these same refreshing negative ions to regulate serotonin levels, counteract pollutants and allergens, and invigorate energy and mood. Ionic Purifier incorporates negative ion technology to counteract the energy-draining effects of positive ions emitted by electronics and household materials while it also cleans the air, removing pollen, dust, mold spores, smoke and pet dander that trigger allergies. Features: -Wall Unit: Plugs into any 110 V wall outlet. -Generates 2,000,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. -Boosts mood & energy. -Provides greater alertness, more mental energy. -Cleans the air: removes dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, fumes, odors. -Great for allergies and asthma sufferers. -Counters the energy draining effects of positive ions from electronics and household materials. -LED indicator light shows it s working. - ZERO Ozone Emissions. -Dimensions: 1.26'' H x 1.97'' W x 1.77'' D.

Simply the best designed negative ion generating unit for your home or office. The ionic lifestyle for your home generates a super powerful 2,000,000 anions per cubic centimeter. Now you can recharge you mind, body and spirit while eliminating odors, dust, pollen, smoke and countering the effects of energy draining items in your home and office like air-conditioning and computer monitors.

2-Year Warranty. For residential applications, this bulb is warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for 2 years based upon normal household use of 3 hours per day. If the light fails to perform as outlined, please contact Purely Enterprises by e-mailing or calling toll-free 1-866-324-2970 for instructions regarding bulb replacement


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