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Rushmore Revive Vitality Drink With 21 Super - 12 Shots (Out of stock)

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RE’s #1 Selling Vitality Drinks are making the news

Consumers are calling RE “The smart choice in vitality drinks” Retailers are reporting a significant switch from chemical drinks to “Vitality drinks” Media is reporting on the dangers of chemical drinks and how consumers are making the switch to vitality drinks that do something “good for them” in the long run.

Wedding planning can take a lot out of you! With a million items on your to-do-list we have one more that can help you get through it!  REvive vitality drink helps to keep you going, when the going gets tough! Brides on the go will love REvive, which is a super-convenient 2.5 oz "shot"; the small size makes it easy to take along wherever you go: throw it into your purse, gym bag, carry-on bag (fabulous for travel;

a REvive totally restores you after a long flight) for on-the-go vitality and well being. REvive also has a touch of green tea extract for added antioxidant value. REvive, features 100% natural fruit juice and puree, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins  and  minerals and so much more!  Want to try this amazing vitality drink! Enter for your chance to win a free case of REvive and get rejuvenated!

We believe our experience in the fruit business for more than 70 years makes us experts in fruits, purees and juices. The relationship starts at the farm and carries through to your table. In fact many of the fruits that you enjoy today are brought to you by the founders of RE. From the raspberries in your cereal in the morning, to the cranberries in your favorite nutrition bar in the afternoon…even the blueberries on top of your dessert  in each case,

there is a very good chance that we have helped bring that goodness to you. It’s no secret that REAL ingredients cost more, but that’s a small price we are willing to pay in order to ensure our products strengthen us. Natural nutrients provide antioxidants that help fight disease and aid in everything from better sleep to an improved diet where processed foods deplete our bodies. We have made a conscious choice to offer products that are high in quality with long-term benefits in order to maintain a healthy, more vibrant lifestyle.

We work to nourish and protect our mind and bodies so we can feel more, do more and be more. With regular use, antioxidants promote health and may reduce your risk for some age-related chronic diseases; the natural nutrients found in RE help enrich and strengthen us. With RE you can feel and enjoy more life, naturally. Do more for YOU with RE!

Between the two creative businessmen, it was a marriage made in heaven. A few short months later, Rushmore Essentials hit the market with REvive, a 2.5 oz. “shot” packed with 21 fruits and super-fruits plus a touch of green tea for people on the go, and REvitalize, a 32 oz. bottle loaded with the same fruit goodness for home or office

This delicious blend of 21 superfruits and green tea, packed with healthy antioxidants, rejuvenates the body and mind, providing natural vitality –without jitters or let down! REvive also offers long-lasting health benefits including natural recovery, youthful feeling, and healthier immune response, without the use of artificial ingredients and chemicals.

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