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Rx Vitamins for Pets, NutriGest for Dogs & Cats Caps - 90 Capsules

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Designed to help support proper bowel health.

Suggested use:
2-3 capsules twice daily for large dogs (50-100 lbs.)
1-2 capsules twice daily for medium dogs (25-50 lbs.)
1/2-1 capsule twice daily for small dogs and cats (0-25 lb)

If needed, the recommended usage can be doubled without any adverse effects.

Ingredients per 2 capsules:
Probiotic Cultures (a blend of the six most bioactive strains) 500 million viable cells
L- Glutarnine (free form amino acid) 200 MG
Cats Claw 150 MG
(uncaria tomentosa) (standardized to 3% oxindole alkaloids)
N-acetyl D glucosamine 150 MG
Calcium (pantothenate) 100 MG
Ginger (standardized Zingiber officinale supplying 4% volatile oils) 50 MG
Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) 50 MG
Oregon Grape Root (mahonia repens) 25 MG
Garlic (allium sativum) (standardized 1% total allicin potential) 25 MG
Psyllium Seed (plantago ovata) 25 MG
Aloe Extract (emoden free) 25 MG
DGL (deglycerized licorice) 25 MG
Folic Acid 50 MCG
Vitamin A 100 I.U.

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