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Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape with Heavy Duty Dispenser - 1.88 Inches x 54.6 yd

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From the Manufacturer

Scotch Super Strength Packaging Tape w/ pistol grip dispenser,1.88 in x 54.6 yd (48mm x50m). Ideal for your heaviest packages. Meets US Postal regulations for standard packages. Super strength for heavy packaging. 3M's strongest hot melt adhesive. Clear backing and instant adhesion. Includes a heavy duty dispenser.

Product Description

Scotch High Performance Packaging Tape is designed to meet your moving and shipping needs. A clear tape, with hot melt rubber resin adhesive for heavy boxes. Dispenser designed to ensure the tape will not fall back on the roll, and the tape has an easy unwind. Meets U.S. postal regulations for standard packages.Great for general shipping or moving needs, such as packing boxes in the office. Made in the USA.

  • Scotch brand is the #1 packaging tape in America, with over 75 years of consistent performance.

  • Scotch packaging tape unwinds smoothly and easily; resists splitting and tearing, adheres instantly and has a strong film backing

  • Extreme holding power for heavy tasks; adheres instantly, ideal for packaging overstuffed cartons

  • Meets US Postal Service regulations for standard packages, tape made in USA

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