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Shady Farm - Shady Farm Maple Syrup Pouch - 125ml (pack of 2)

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  • Shady Farm Maple Syrup Pouch
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Shady Farm - Shady Farm Maple Syrup Pouch (125ml) Shady Farm Maple Syrup Pouch (125ml)

Shady Maple Farms

Authentic Canadian 100% pure organic maple syrup by Shady Maple Farms.

Canadian  No. 2 Amber (US grade B) and Canadian No. 1 Medium (US grade A) syrups by Shady  Maple are completely natural and unrefined, produced by the world’s largest supplier of 100% pure maple syrup.

Benefits of 100% pure maple syrup:

  • Organic
  • Naturally nutritious
  • Completely natural and unrefined
  • No added ingredients, just maple syrup
  • Less sugar and calories than alternatives
  • Retains vitamins and nutrients from the sap
  • High in amino acids
  • GMO free

Purity and excellence Made from the sap of maple trees using expertise passed down through the generations, Shady Maple's authentic Canadian maple syrup uses patented techniques and well established production processes to ensure consistent, top quality maple syrup with great taste. Natural and unrefined, Shady Maple is the best Canadian pure maple syrup for colour, flavour and consistency with over 2000 Canadian farmers behind the product.

Maple syrup range The No.1 Medium maple syrup is available in an innovative, award winning 125ml flexible pouch packaging that brings pure maple syrup to a new consumer in a smaller, more convenient format. Or choose No. 2 Amber maple syrup in a retail size traditional glass bottle or a catering pack size. Maple syrup is a versatile ingredient that can be used for all kinds of cooking and food flavouring, from sweetening hot drinks and drizzling on pancakes to culinary masterpieces.

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