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In 1967, Aubrey Hampton began making the rounds of New York City health food stores and hair salons with two herbal products formulated in his own kitchen: a fragrant, therapeutic bath soak, and a nutrient-packed hair conditioner he called GPB. With his first sale, to a small natural products store in Greenwich Village, a new era in hair and skin care was born.


Today, our products are sold all over the world but Aubrey’s first connection to natural, plant-based ingredients goes back to simpler times—to his father’s organic farm in southern Indiana, and to his mother, an herbalist who made her own beauty products at home.


Throughout his long career, Aubrey created over 200 hair, skin and body care formulas, which are internationally recognized as among the highest quality products available. Over 50 years later, we carry on this important legacy with beauty products that reflect Aubrey Hampton’s philosophy, personal values and commitment to the earth.


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